Itapecerica, Minas Gerais, Brazil

by José Ribeiro Pena Neto (updated in February, 2015)

Itapecerica (20º28'S, 45º9'W) is a small, hospitable, old town in Minas Gerais State, in the heart of Brazil. Population of municipality is 21,377 inhabitants (2010), elevation is 835m (2,740ft) and it is located 180km (97 miles) from Belo Horizonte, the State's capital city. Main nearby towns are Divinópolis and Formiga, both around 60km (32 miles) away. Municipality's economy is based on graphite mining, agriculture and cattle raising. Main monuments are Saint Benedict and Saint Anthony churches. In the town vicinity there are waterfalls and nice landscape.

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  • View of town

  • Aerial view

  • Saint Benedict Church (photo by Antônio P. Araújo)

  • St. Anthony and St. Francis Church